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     北京环亚商务中心由香港Plaza Business Centre管理集团经营和管理, 总部设在香港,在新加坡、马来西亚的吉隆坡、印度尼西亚的雅加达及北京都有分支机构,有着近20年经营商务中心的出色经验。同时,Plaza Business Centre管理集团还经营会议中心(香港,北京)及机场侯机厅(香港,吉隆坡,新加坡)。作为全球商务中心协会成员之一,Plaza Business Centre 的客户能够在全世界超过250个城市享受更灵活、便捷的服务。

·一条直线总机电话和8条分机线包括话机及语音信箱 (美国Avaya电话系统)

Plaza Network
  Plaza Business Centre Management Group is a Hong Kong based business centre provider with 18 years experience. With the network in Beijing, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Jakarta, we provide READY FOR USE SERVICED OFFICES, CONFERENCE CENTRE AND AIRPORT TRANSIT LOUNGE. Being a business centre operator, Plaza offers not only the office space, but a total office solution with furniture, office equipment, telephone system, latest IT facilities and secretarial and administration support. Our other products - Plaza conference centre and Plaza airport transit lounges on the other hand provide our customers more value added services.

  Plaza China Life Tower Centre:
  Plaza started its China operation in 1999 with the 1st centre in Beijing Kerry Centre. With the company expansion in the region, Plaza's 2nd centre starts its operation in September, 2002 in Beijing China Life Tower. This centre is designed and built as the flagship for Plaza operation in China market by adding the new business feature - conference centre into the traditional business centre (serviced office) concept. The centre is located in Chaoyangmen area (next door to Full Link Plaza), and is very convenient to access by all means of transportation - by car, buses and subway. Airport is also a 40 minutes drive from the building.
  There are 34 offices in this centre, able to accommodate from 1 person to 10 person in each office. Office types can be categorized into internal room with glass wall, window office, corner office with double windows and ensuite offices and individual manager room.

  The monthly office rental package includes:

· Fully furnished private office with designer office furniture
· 1 main direct telephone line at Plaza reception & 8 extension inclusive of handsets and voicemail facility
· Personalized telephone answering in the name of your company
· Free written and voice mail messages
· Courteous, highly-skilled bilingual receptionists
· Broadband connection (2Mbps) facility, usage charged separately per month
· Video/Audio-conferencing facilities
· Private mailbox and mail delivery
· Daily cleaning; building management fees and utility charges
· 24-hour access to your office suites, using smart key card technology
· Individually controlled air-conditioning in each suite
· self served Café counter for coffee & tea, usage charged for per person per month
· 4 hours per month free use of meeting facilities (1-6 persons, non cumulative) in the business centre
· 8 hours per month free use of meeting facilities/office space in our worldwide network
· 1 Complimentary use each month of Plaza Airport Lounge (Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore)
· Direct access to our worldwide network for all services and facilities

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