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    凭借着在大陆二十多年的地产投资经验及丰富的物业与人力资源,新世界中国地产有限公司(NWCL)于2006年投资开发了新世界北京商务中心,并聘请美国Office General, Inc.进行管理。Office General, Inc. 总部设在美国旧金山市,是一家享誉业界的商务中心管理公司。






  1. 人性化电话自动应答系统及前台接待服务
  2. 必要的办公家具及设备
  3. 每月定额的会议室免费使用时间
  4. IT部门的专业技术支持
  5. 训练有素的双语秘书服务
  6. 邮件,包裹及传真的处理
  7. 日间传达及收发服务
  8. 免费的茶和咖啡

此外,我们还会按照您的要求提供其它额外服务 及商务计划,供您选择:

  1. 公司专职秘书服务
  2. IT咨询及维修服务
  3. 会计及记帐服务
  4. 旅行安排及酒店预定服务
  5. 营业执照注册服务


    • 方便通达的公司办公地点和邮件收发地址
    • 个性化的电话接听服务/专用电话号码及语音信箱
    • 在上述1与2的全部内容基础上,每月在北京享有两小时免费使用会议室或日间办公室
朱雯 E-mail:[email protected]
传真: 8610-67096010/67082935

New World Beijing Business Center
Level 11, Xinyi Commercial Building
No.3A Xinyijiayuan, Chongwenmenwai Avenue
Chongwen District
Beijing 100062, China

With decades of experience of investing in the real estate industry in mainland China, and rich resources in property and human power, New World China Land Limited (NWCL) invested and developed New World Beijing Business Center in 2006 under the management contract of Office General, Inc., a well known US based (with headquarter in San Francisco) business center operator.

Located right behind Chongwenmen New World Shopping Mall, New World Beijing Business Center encompasses a total area of 1790 square meters on the 11th floor of Xinyi Commercial Building. With a wide range of short term and long term office space solutions in a shared infrastructure environment, New World Beijing Business Center has 40 fully-furnished ready-to-use work spaces for up to 180 people to offer, and three conference rooms to fulfill your various meeting needs.

New World Beijing Business Center (NWBC) is located within New World Commercial Circle (NWCC), a newly developed business area in the southern district of Beijing. Within a walking distance to Tiananmen Square to the west and the Chang An Avenue to the north, NWBC dominates the landmark position of NWCC in the embracement of Shopping Malls, Star Hotels, office buildings,restaurants as well as entertainment facilities and with an easy access to places all over Beijing through the extensive transport network on and underground.

As the economy of southern district is thriving, NWCC has become another dynamic business circle after CBD of Beijing. Being in the hub of NWCC, NWBC equipped with the state-of-the-art technological system is ready to provide businesses of all ages and stages with fully furnished office environment and highly professional services.

Our Floor Plan
New World Beijing Business Center, located in the prominent New World Center,consists of 40 fully furnished private offices, three conference rooms, spacious reception lobby area and one in-house coffee lounge. The center’s infrastructure is installed with the latest telecommunications, network systems and high speed broadband access.

Your access to the premise is 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with reliable security card system.

Beijing Leasing Office
Selina Zhu, Email: [email protected]
Level 11, Xinyi Commercial Building
No.3A Xinyijiayuan, Chongwenmenwai Avenue
Chongwen District
Beijing 100062, China
Telephone: 8610-67096011/67096000
Fax: 8610-67096010/67082935

The Private Office Suites
Our business center offers 40 fully managed, serviced office suites with about 180 work stations that caters to one person start-up business to over 100-employee-organisation. Each office suite offers the following services:
 .Personalized phone answering and front desk receptionists.
 .All necessary office furnishings and equipment.
 .Free conference room usage monthly allowance.
 .High speed internet access with in house IT support team.
 .Professionally trained multi-lingual secretarial assistance.
 .Mails, parcels and fax handling.
 .Daily janitorial service.
 .Complimentary coffee and tea.
    In addition, we provide you with a wide spectrum of extra services and business solutions based on your requirement which includes:
 .Company formation with company secretarial services.
 .IT consultancy and maintenance.
 .Accounting and book-keeping assistance.
 .Multi-language translation services
 .Travel booking arrangements and hotel reservation.
Business license registration assistance

The Conference and Meeting facilities
Our business center offers three corporate meeting rooms suited for training sessions, seminars, mini conventions, focus groups, educational workshops and some other events from 10 to 30 people. Tea and coffee are complimentary and special food catering can be arranged. Our highly talented, professionally trained staff will always be happy to be your assistance to ensure your company’s event a success.

The Virtual Office Solution
Apart from working in our private full-time office, you can also establish your company at a virtual prime location office address with full support you need to ensure your business prosper.

Our Virtual Office plans provide you with:
A.Business mailing address with mail and fax receipt and distribution
B. Personalized telephone answering services with a dedicated phone number and voicemail
C. Plan A and plan B plus two hours free usage of conference/meeting rooms each month in Beijing.
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